Williams F1 Team

I was the Lead Artist on this game. It was running concurrent with Hotwheels Slots. I know that sounds crazy and it was. We had some pretty stiff hardware requirements as well. We needed to have 6 cars on screen at any given time all running on a machine with a min spec of a Voodoo 1 and 64 megs of ram. I did art on this project as well as cover where we were short as a team. I think we pulled off an excellent game and met all the requirements. Yes there’s even a track builder in this game too. It was never released in the USA as we’re not huge F1 fans here. It was released in Europe and other areas with a large F1 fan base. It came with a Limited Edition Hotwheels F1 race car. Made with 3ds Max and the NetImmerse engine.

F1 Art

F3 Art

F1600 Art

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