Game Art


These are shots from games that published. (As we all know, that’s not always the case.) I’ve got a lot of art, so I’ve tried to keep each set of examples to a minimum.

Unpublished and Miscellaneous

The art here is from games that were never published, demos of games, or ideas for games.

Bam! Baseball

Modeled and textured six of the ten stadiums. After that, went through all of the stadiums to optimize them which basically meant rebuilding and re-mapping them. This was my first foray into Maya.

Sim City Playstation 2 Demo

I was in charge of creating a simple demo of Sin City objects on the PlayStation 2 for a theoretical 3D Sim City game. Using Maya we rebuilt the Max models for real time, made LODs, and effectivly filled the PlayStation 2 screen. It was cool and a lot of work. I was charged with documenting the art process which you can find here, too.

Extreme Kayak

This was a Looking Glass title that was running concurrent with Destruction Derby 64. I modeled and textured all the characters from concept art provided by someone else. All done in 3DS Max for the N64.